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Freedom on the frontier: Gun-toting "Free Staters" make their move into Wyoming 07-04-07

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Why make a move for freedom? Because every day, events occur that have an impact on your civil liberties. Maximize your own.

01-28-07 A new section of links has been added to our Freedom Links page: Survival links! Thanks to FSW member K. for her help.

01-28-07 New links have been added to our Wyoming Links page.


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Free State Wyoming Announcements


March 6, 2007
2007 FSW Jamboree

The 4th Annual FSW Jamboree will be held from 22-24 June 2007 near Guernsey, Wyoming. Want to know more? Visit the 2007 Jamboree thread on our FSW Forum.

Please post any questions you have there on that thread. (You must be a registered forum user to post, but not to read.) All are welcome to register for the Jam, even if they are not an FSWer.

I hope to see you in June!

Boston T. Party

January 28, 2007

Looking for the most current information on Free State Wyoming? Want to chat with those already in the Cowboy State? Want to make new friends who value freedom as much as you do? Sign up for our FSW Forum!

December 12, 2006

To Our Web Site Visitors:

We have all been so busy on our new FSW Forum that I've neglected to keep this site topped off with regular updates and news. My webmaster and I are working on that at present, and should have lots new here by January.

New FSWers are moving to Wyoming nearly every month now, and their stories are inspiring! Most of them report that their move was the best thing they've ever done. They are loving their new life in Wyoming, and getting to know the locals.

The action's over on our Forum, so please drop by and meet your new Wyoming neighbors. We have a Swap Meet, get-togethers, parties, and lots of sharing information and sources.

We're noticing the beginnings of a surge of Colorado refugees after the election of the anti-RKBA Ritter. In Wyoming, your 2nd Amendment right is highly respected, both in law and in culture. If things continue to sour in Colorado under this new administration, the FSW will continue to see new Members and Associates discover the joys of Wyoming.

Cheyenne is only two hours from DIA, and many people live there and commute to Ft. Collins, Boulder, etc. And, Wyoming has no state income tax!

Kenneth W. Royce/Boston T. Party
FSW Founder

The FSW now has hundreds of Members and Associates, dozens of whom have already moved to Wyoming. You can meet many of us and learn of our experiences on our FSW Forum.

You don't have to be an FSWer to join. Simply register there with a name and email address, and you can read and participate in
our virtual Wyoming community.

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